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CAGED WOMEN - Download

Would you believe Caged Women is deeply romantic? How about cerebral and thought provoking?... Would you settle for filthy and revolting?

A group of new prisoners check into the Crossbar Hotel. Our first wildcat is Yvonne, in for assaulting her old man. She’s locked up in cellblock 13 by two hairy guards. "I can be brutal," explains one beery slob ("Big AL from This Gun is Loaded). "Go ahead!" she sneers. Her garments are removed and the sweating goon violates her soft flesh. As with most films from the Cosmos Film Collection, the sex is semi-hard (though there’s no actual penetration or spunk shots).

Meanwhile, in another bare cell, a giggly 40-ish redhead is seduced into dykehood by a luscious Latin spitfire. The women perform a clumsy 69 as a madcap drum solo blares on the soundtrack. The next victim of police brutality is Fran Wilson, who claims she got "a bum rap." She calls the slobbering guards "pigs." They tag-team her: "We’ll show you what kind of men us pigs can be!" Fran quickly begins to enjoy her captivity.

The last recruit is a spoiled brat who claims to be a famous actress. She requests a private they toss her in with the beaver-hungry pussycats who lesbianize her. The two greaseball guards become aroused and jump in, leading to a big, happy Pussy Party.

Caged Women looks like it was shot in someone’s house. If s probably the cheapest women-in-prison flick ever made (no mean feat). It has virtually no dialogue and some of the "actresses" appear drugged as if they’ve just ingested two bottles of NyQuil.

Still, what hot-blooded grindhouse devotee is going to pass up a title like Caged Women? From the original 16mm criminally-carnal negative. - Mike Accomando Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d6086
Format: Download
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Tess Drake
Co-starring: Bill Jones
Other cast: Terri Johnson, Nen Beal

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