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Hot babes! Money! Pot parties! HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS blows the lid off the crazy rock & roll world with The Blast-Off Girls, a musical feature starring real-life acid crap combo THE FADED BLUE (actually, they’re not that bad) and DAN CONWAY as Boogie Baker, an unscrupulous talent scout who’ll stop at nothing to make a buck and degrade everyone else in the process.

After being publicly humiliated by a former act, Boogie, his swarthy suck-up Gordie (The Wizard of Gore’s RAY SAGER), and his trampy girlfriend Maxine (SHARON CAMILLE), who seems to have some kind of brain damage, head out to a club in search of a new act. Setting his sights on The Big Blast, the house band, Boogie promises the naive five-some fame, fortune, and a chance to nail Maxine’s Bermuda Triangle. With only a verbal contract, Boogie signs the band and immediately puts into play his underhanded techniques.

At their first gig, Boogie pays a swarm of crazed teenage girls — The Blast-Off Girls — to scream, mob the stage, and rip off the band’s shirts. lt works! Soon, the band is hot and happenin’ and Boogie is out spending all their money on snazzy cars and snappy clothes. Realizing they haven’t seen a penny from their hit single, the band quits. To their surprise, Boogie throws them a no-hard-feelings pot party which is promptly raided by the cops. Ever the snake, Boogie convinces a police lieutenant to drop the charges...IF the band signs a new three year contract! After all, "using a pick on a guitar is easier than using another kind of pick on another kind of rock."

Screwed and stupid, the band’s success and Boogie’s hold on them quickly begins to unravel. After a studio owner flatly refuses Boogie’s next pussy-bribe and politely suggests that Maxine is a whore — she tries to look offended — Boogie begs the band to get it together. This they do by performing career suicide on a live TV show when they sing a special song in Boogie’s honor...

An anomaly from H.G. Lewis’ usual blood and gore, this pleasant, narrow-minded romp through the wheelings and dealings of the music industry’s white underbelly features original songs by The Faded Blue (who are really quite likeable), an appearance by the band CHARLIE (who truly suck ass), and even a Beatles-like, Hard Day’s Night-style music montage at the end. As an added bonus: The Blast-Off Girls also features a cameo by Mr. Rock & Roll himself, COL. HARLAN SANDERS (yes, the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy!) who delivers the unforgettable show-stopping line, "Do we have fried chicken? Ooooooooeeeeeeeee! Do we have fried chicken!" Get up! Get on! Blast off! Don’t you wish there was a soundtrack album?

From the 35mm "Frugging-Wildcats-with-Mini-Morals" negative.
— Marc Klapper

SKU: d4625
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: Color
Starring: Dan Conway
Co-starring: Ray Sager
Other cast: Sharon Camille, Lawrence J. Aberwood
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

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