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Poor little NANCY LEE NOBLE. Can’t she appear in just one HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS flick without getting gang-banged? Judging by She-Devils on Wheels and The Girl, The Body, and The Pill, the answer is "definitely not."

In The Girl, The Body, and The Pill, Miss Noble (billed in the ads as "The Teenie-Bopper Bombshell") plays the sexually promiscuous and suggestively monikered "Randy Hunt." Appropriately, The Girl, The Body, and The Pill is sort of a low rent Splendor in the Grass, featuring all the sexual tension of the bad girl who does-do-it versus the good girl who wants-to-do-it but doesn’t because of her puritanical upbringing, but then changes her mind when her boyfriend decides to do it with the bad girl but then cries a lot and says things like, "What if I become... pregnant" after she finally gets her boyfriend back by doing it. Whew, I get dizzy just thinkin’ about it.

Throw in a couple of subplots — like the good girl’s psychotic, asshole father (BILL ROGERS who plays Dracula’s descendant in Lewis’ vampire epic A Taste of Blood) who’s having an affair with the bad girl’s slatternly mom (VALEDIA HILL) which leads to an icky coat-hanger abortion scene, or the high school "hygiene" teacher (PAMELA RHEA) who decides to conduct classes at home (!?) after the school principal bans them on campus — use the words "the pill" about eight million times during the course of the film and, presto!, you’ve got some serious sex education controversy.

For the record, here is valuable "sex hygiene" information I learned from The Girl, The Body, and The Pill:

  • In the ’60s, high school sex-ed classes were coed, and you could have a student take over and lead the class discussion if you had an "important meeting" to get to.
  • "Teaching birth control as a natural part of living" is "dangerous."
  • You only have to take one birth control pill to be protected from pregnancy.
  • If you are low on birth control pills, just take your mom’s and replace hers with "saccharine tablets."
  • Female sex-ed teachers have a penchant for wearing goofy "side ponytaiis."
  • Finally, if your hypocritical, misogynist father accidentally admits to your mother that he has had an affair, he will (a) stop hating all women, (b) decide he loves your mother, and (c) turn into a nice guy. The Incredible Mr. L also wrote the title tune, "The Pill," under his "Sheldon Seymour" pseudonym. From the 35mm negative in "Revealing color."
    —Lena Gallentine

    SKU: d4626
    Format: Download
    Year: 1967
    Color: Color
    Starring: Nancy Lee Noble
    Co-starring: Pamela Rhae
    Other cast: Valedia Hill, Bill Rogers
    Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

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