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     What happens when filmmakers want to make something more than just another nudie-cutie but, it being 1962, still can’t show sex on the screen? Answer: they go crazy. And there are few films as full-tilt, out-and-out loony-bin insane as The Wild and the Naked...
      Paulette (TANA FRENCH), a model “from France,” spends a grueling day posing in the nude for a photographer and dancing by the swimming pool before visiting a bar she’s never been to before: “I can’t understand what I’m doing here,” she exclaims in her thick, ultra-French accent.
      A “playboy” asks her to dance but starts to maul her, so she slaps him and leaves. “He was a fwesh one!” Inexplicably, she then hitchhikes out of town: “Stwange that I should be hitchhiking. If only I knew where I was going...” (!?) She’s given a ride by the same playboy who just tried to maul her at the bar but she doesn’t recognize him until he tries to maul her again. “I’m not a twamp! I’m a lady!”
      Racing from his car -- and losing her clothes in the process -- Paulette takes a weird detour off the map of reality as she charges bare-ass through sudden wilderness: “It’s vewy lonesome here. Evewything seems so stwange!” After being seized by an irresistible urge to skinny-dip in a dirty river, she’s promptly attacked by a loose limbed, lust-crazed hermit (!?!) who grabs a rope seemingly hanging down from the sky, ties her up on the riverbank, and does some kind of strange, diseased dance over her spread-eagled body. (!?!?) “What a howwible nightmare!”
      But the cavalry arrives in the form of a young man in a boat who shoots the old coot in the head. After another bout of dirty water skinny-dipping, Paulette and the young man start to make love when they’re then attacked by a maniacal gorilla (!?!?!): “Oh no! Just when I meet someone who doesn’t want to chase me, something comes along and wants to chase both of us!” Separated from each other, the young man careens into the arms of three naked wild women wearing clumps of weeds who dance to rock ’n’ roll. (!?!?!?)
      Yipes! Made by CHARLES MARTINEZ, the producer of The Girl and the Geek, it’s almost impossible to convey the sheer, bizarre lunacy of this “filmed in Latin America” epic which, no surprise, was actually shot in Texas.
          From a 35mm Twilight-Zone-in-the-nude print. -- Frank Henenlotter

SKU: d4474
Format: Download
Year: 1962
Color: B&W
Starring: Tana French
Co-starring: Deen Gattis
Other cast: Walter Swinford, Roberto Sanchez
Directed by: Stan Roberts

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