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Though Grace Kelly won the Oscar, Bing Crosby gives the performance of his career as a man drowning in self-pity in this Clifford Odets drama which... Oh... Wait.... Hold it.... Wrong Country Girl.

††††† This Country Girl is a totally different matter. "Letís see where itís at when a City Girl meets a Country Girl!" says the narrator of this raw regional raunch during one of his friendly intrusions into the narrative flow. And we certainly do see "where itís at"-- which is usually focused at the crotch level!

††††† Country Girl Marie (MARIE CAMPBELL) and her "olí man," Everett, run a fishing camp somewhere out in the sticks. City Girl Angie (JEAN WILSON) and her hubby Fred (TOMMY RUBLE) go on a fishing trip out in the sticks. Sittiní round a campfire guzzling booze and cracking dirty, the foursome get acquainted real fast.

††††† Angie, accompanying herself ineptly on guitar, warbles a ballad called "Pondering Thoughts of a Girl" (an original song composed by Ruble for the film!) while Marie jiggles her ample titties in Fredís face, and Everett ogles Angie. When the song is over, the two gals Go-Go dance, masturbating with and blowing the booze bottles. Then they swap and swear theyíve never been fucked so goo-ood.

††††† Elsewhere, Honey Bee and Ruthie, two more Country Girls, bury their muzzles in each otherís snatch. Later on, Honey Beeís "olí man," Josh, who regularly diddles Marie on the sly, promises to spank his wifeís country ass with his boat paddle when he catches her rubbing her hot hooters against Fredís fishiní pole.

††††† Meanwhile, City Girl Angie and Country Girl Marie lock pussies in the woods and like it so much they plan to do it again real soon...

††††† Not much fishiní gets done, but they do manage plenty of muff diving. The copious sex scenes are bodacious by softcore standards, and Jean Wilson is as hot a minx as youíre likely to cum across in a sexploitation flick. Non-urban deviates will like this one, for sure.

††††† And besides, who wants to see Bing Crosby naked?

††††† From a 35mm country-cooze print.†#4107†

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -- Don the Deviate, America Moralia

SKU: d4107
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: Color
Starring: Marie Campbell
Co-starring: Jean Wilson
Other cast: Sue Senett
Directed by: Bobby Davis

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