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     Polly Pockets, an un-aired pilot for a 1960’s kiddie TV show that has absolutely nothing to do with the tiny plastic dolls, and is best viewed under the influence of a mind-altering substance. It features a cheerfully toothy brunette who wears a gaudy patchwork skirt with magical pockets filled with all sorts of goodies. She is accompanied by Dandy Andy, a middle-aged man dressed like Abe Lincoln. After gliding upon a magical trunk, they reach a world of whimsy, complete with kooky contraptions, calliope music, rope tricks, and stories which are told with hand-drawn cartoon illustrations. (Apparently, there was no budget for actual animation.) When Polly pulls an onion out of her pocket, she’s reminded of an adventure at the Castle of Gloom, where character actor PERCY HELTON is a henchman, and she’s arrested for being happy and sent to the onion dungeon. As if that weren’t enough to amuse you, the madness continues with A Visit From Santa.-- Lisa Petrucci

SKU: d8032_b
Format: Download
Year: 1965
Color: Color
Starring: Santa Claus
Co-starring: Percy Helton

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