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Akemi will never quite be the same after that summer. On the threshold of womanhood yet still wrapped in the innocence of her tender years, the wide-eyed 13-year-old is "unaware of the dark passions that lie concealed beyond the next turning in the road." Returning home early, she is disturbed by the sound of someone at the door and dashes into the closet to hide. Peeping through a crack in the door, Akemi catches an eyeful of her mother entertaining a stranger on the bare tatami, and quickly flees in distress to her aunt's home in the countryside.

But before she gets there, Akemi's full awakening into the world of sensuality is both brutal and abrupt when she is rudely taken by a rough-and-ready local after leading her round the rice paddies on a shortcut to her auntie's house. Bruised but not broken by the experience, Akemi finds herself transformed as she arrives in the bosom of her relative's home, a seething inferno of carnal passions. There, Akemi's shapely old cousin reveals she is already well-acquainted with the world of adult passion as they sponge each other's soapy backs in a hot tub. But a further shock lies in store for Akemi when she is introduced to the older girl's long-term boyfriend....

Years before it began to flourish under the new label of "pinku eiga," or pink film, the Japanese eroduction (erotic production) got off on its first foot in 1962 with a long-lost oddity called Flesh Market, directed by Satoru Kobayashi. Like Flesh Market, not a lot remains from this first decade, even though literally hundreds of films came out every year, peaking production in 1969 with a staggering 250 movies all destined for adult-only sleazepits. Who knows when The Adolescent was last seen in its native land, but if it hadn't washed up on American shores sometime in the late Sixties, we probably wouldn't have it in our hands now.

Long forgotten in its own land, The Adolescent's director, OSAMU YAMASHITA, was one of the field's early trailblazers, making over ten films in 1967 alone, including one of the first ever full color pink films, New Chronicles of an Affair. His other memorable titles include Scream of a Virgin (1967), Lust Encyclopedia: Sex (1967), Warped Sex (1968), and Widow Torture (1968). The very same year that he made The Adolescent, he starred in Continuing Japan Assault Dark History: Tyrant, directed by the giant of the Japanese sex film, Koji Wakamatsu, and also co-scripted Wakamatsu's most famous title, Violated Angels. Whatever happened to him later down the line, I guess we'll never know.-- Butaniku

SKU: d5180
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: B&W English Subtitles
Starring: Reiko Tsumura
Co-starring: Aki Fujikawa
Other cast: Kazuya Taguchi, Kumiko Orita
Directed by: Osamu Yamaskich

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