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Let us once again sing the praises of Florida in the 1960s. A hotbed of exploitation filmmaking, its sunshine, nudist camps, cheap labor, and sexy starlets proved irresistible to such Exploitation All-Stars as Manuel S. Conde, Dave Friedman & Herschell Gordon Lewis, William Grefé, Brad Grinter, Harry Kerwin, Irving Klaw, Barry Mahon, and Doris Wishman who cranked out low-budget classicks that ran the gamut from Blaze Starr Goes Nudist to Blood Freak. Nestled snugly somewhere in between is Judy¹s Little No-No, a playful little semi-thriller, shot in Florida and the Bahamas, about killer Cubans searching for a missing jewel that manages to mix action, nudity, comedy, and a bloody chainsaw murder (the screen’s first?) with some truly marvelous strip-club footage that authentically captures the Miami sleaze scene of the day.
Exotic dancer Judy (ELISA INGRAM), "37-23-36," is given a ruby to hide by Carlos Garcia, a Cuban refugee who’s reported dead moments later. After hiding the jewel in the dressing room of Zorita’s Show Bar, a genuine Miami Beach strip club, Judy is promptly abducted by two Cuban thugs who get so annoyed when she fights back that they toss her into the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, she’s found by good guy Dan Turner (JOHN LODGE) who takes "the fish lady" to his humble home in Abaco, an island of the Bahamas. After Judy dazzles Dan with some unabashed skinny-dipping, the Cuban "bad devils" learn that Judy isn’t dead and show up at Dan’s which leads to some masculine hairpulling, spitting in the face, and death by a chainsaw, which is always a handy item to casually keep around one’s home.
Judy and Dan then fly to Miami to retrieve the ruby from Zorita’s which gives the film a chance to wallow in the "Go-Go Girly Revue" starring MORA ("The Bahama Mama"), Miss FASCINATION, ROSE, AVA, and so much stripper skin that you’d think you’re watching a full-fledged nudie. Scarier than the thugs, however, is the real-life ZORITA, a tough broad with a filthy mouth, who runs the place. (When someone calls her "Mama," she squawks, "I’m not your mother and if I was, I’d have had an abortion!") Upon discovering that the jewel is now in the navel of MARLENE, "The World’s Most Famous Belly Dancer," Judy and Dan must also face José, Cuba’s most notorious hit man, played by, of all people, Gunther "Ooh, ooh" Toody himself, former burlesque comic and TV star JOE E. ROSS, whose freewheeling career also encompassed Teaserama (1955) and Car 54 Where Are You? (1961) as well as The Naked Zoo (1971) and Linda Lovelace for President (1976)....
The original ad campaign for Judy’s Little No-No included an "authentic jewel" and belly dancing instructions to be passed out as a giveaway at theatres. Those were certainly the good old days!
Yes, it’s all pretty much exactly what you’d expect from director SHERMAN PRICE, who also made the whimsically delirious The Imp-Probable Mr. Wee Gee. And no, no, this John Lodge isn’t the John Lodge that become Governor of Connecticut.
From a 16mm yes-yes print. — Handsome Harry Archer

SKU: d3230
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: Color
Starring: Elisa Ingram
Co-starring: Zorita
Other cast: Joe E Ross, John Lodge, Marlene
Directed by: Sherman Price

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