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"When you exude the sort of animal magnetism that I do, women just canít stay away from you!"

Frank, a skinny, middle-aged weirdo brags to his buddy, Jim, that heís catnip to the ladies. Heís married but says, "I donít let her control my life. Especially when it comes to my manly desires." He also boasts that heís a great athlete and a series of flashbacks unfold showing us Frank in horny action.

After "17 sets" of tennis, Frank picks up a lady whoís impressed with the way he handles his "balls." He samples her goodies on a bed with leopard skin sheets. "She attacked me!" he brags to Jim. While fishing he meets another nympho (the big blonde from Love Me or leave) who tears off his sweaty Fruit-of-the-Looms, says "Hubba! Hubba!," and gives his testicles a hickey.

"This happens all the time?" asks Jim. "I can dominate any woman," explains Frank. Next up while our lady-killer is pole-vaulting (!) he meets a horny harlot. Their bedroom banter includes him telling her he played lacrosse against "Crown Heads of Europe" and chess with Albert Einstein. "Oh wow!," she gushes. Clad only in white sneakers, Frank indulges in more raunchy aerobics.

What about Frankís wife you ask? "I can control her. When I say jump, she jumps!" He tells Jim he was a successful "prize fighter" and makes it with another starry-eyed starlet (the big-busted Amazon from This Gun is Loaded) and finally beds a secretary ("I touched her and all she could do was giggle.")

Jim is ready to nominate Frank for Stud Hall of Fame until Frankís shrieking bitch-on-wheels spouse shows up meaner than a rattlesnake. "Youíre the weakest excuse for a man I ever met!" "Yes, dear...."

From the original 16mm pussy-whipped negative. - Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d3543
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: Color
Starring: Ron Oakes
Co-starring: Mary Peel
Other cast: John Pierce, Pam Brown, Della Ross

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