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CARGO OF LOVE - Download

For those who enjoyed director ANTON HOLDEN’s work in Aroused and Rent-A Girl, here’s another one that’s sure to satisfy your taste for depravity!
After being raped within the first few minutes of the film, a naive young woman named Ellie (pretty blonde SHEILA BRITTON of Love Me... Please and Pleasure Plantation) answers an ad for a traveling companion placed by “a widow” anxious to escape from her tormentor. She’s met at the airport by an exotic brunette who introduces herself as Señora Lupo, and her brother Pepe (my favorite Doris Wishman leading man, SAM STEWART). They usher Ellie into a limo and drive the unsuspecting girl to a house in the country where they have other plans for her....

Immediately drugged, Ellie eventually wakes up in a scanty nightie on a bare mattress in the cellar. While attempting to get her bearings, Ellie stumbles across a torture session in progress, sees a girl being whipped with a belt by Señora Lupo’s sadistic sister (Latina character actress GLORIA IRIZARY), and is told to behave or she’ll be next.

Apparently the Lupo family is operating a white-slave racket in the boondocks, and needs more girls to increase their profits. When they think that one of their prisoners is knocked-up (and thus quite useless to them), they call in a doctor to examine her. The terrified girl offers the good doc a piece of ass to keep her condition quiet and he happily obliges.

Meanwhile, two of the Lupo henchmen decide to make a play for Ellie, but Señora Lupo has already promised her to Pepe, who walks in on them assaulting his love-toy. They call him “a spic,” and Pepe challenges them to “a Mexican knife fight.” He stabs the thug and Ellie gratefully lets Pepe have his way with her. And she like-y!

The FBI gets wind of the missing girls and sends in a sexy female agent to find and infiltrate the operation. The agent answers the ad and is brought to the house where she uses a lipstick-that’s-also-a-transmitter to alert the FBI of her location. Realizing that the only way out of this house of horrors is in a box, the agent and Ellie attempt to make an escape and are pursed through the woods by guards. Will the FBI get there in time to rescue them?

Producer CHARLES ABRAMS also made The Commuter Game and The Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful. And, in 1965, Britton and Stewart were happily reunited in the racist classick Murder in Mississippi. Chock another one up for the sick set!

From a 35mm girls-for-sale print. -- Lisa Petrucci

SKU: d3123
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Starring: Sheila Britton
Co-starring: Sam Stewart
Other cast: Gloria Irizary, Tony Pascal
Directed by: Anton Holden

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