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Nick (JOHN SPENCE) is a suave denim-wearing young pimp who worries a lot about his hair. Louie (STEFAN PETERS) is a monosyllabic knife-wielding goof of undetermined sexuality (with his most noticeable physical feature being red, greasy, slug-like lips). Together they are The Girl Grabbers.

As the opening titles roll, these two smirking hellions are wandering the streets of 1960’s Greenwich Village, knocking groceries out of the arms of women with big hairdos, and molesting butts -- as Girl Grabbers everywhere are wont to do. Unsatisfied with such simple pranks, they hold the brazen midday robbery and rape of Tania (LUDMILLA TCHOR), a very average-looking redhead with an awkward Euro-accent. Her “rape” consists of Nick stuffing her panties in her mouth, then rolling around on top of her fully clothed while giggling like a retarded infant.

When Tania’s boyfriend Paul (ROBERT KERMAN) finds her, she’s still lying in the middle of the living room with her undies in her yap -- a sight which immediately sends Paul out to scour the city, pausing only to ogle some sexy go-go dancers plying their trade on the top of the bar in a local booze joint. Turns out one of the go-go girls (LOUISE VIOLET) conveniently knows one of the scumbags, and identifies the brothel where his whores can be found. “He’s a pimp. For fun he kills people,” she ominously states before flirting a little and sending Paul on his way.

The whorehouse is a hub of activity, with a garish madam, a skeezy shoe-sniffer, and various partygoers in the lobby. Paul quickly zeros in on Nick’s main momma Lynn (nudie-vet JACKIE RICHARDS), a slutty round-the-way girl who Paul immediately gets naked with and unabashedly plows -- all in the name of getting information to avenge his sweetheart’s honor, of course. Lynn gives Paul a freebie for no good reason, and then points out that her pimp can be found at Frank’s Garage, where Paul will soon find that the two gibbering rapists are involved in something much bigger with their boss Frank (ALISTAIR BURR) as the mastermind. I’m talking about a drug deal worth millions, and Frank can’t afford to have any witnesses. Can Paul get himself and his gal out of the shitstorm he’s landed them in by sniffing around a drug-lord’s ass? What will become of the Girl Grabbers, and what special role does the foxy streetwise prostitute Lynn have to play in the violent, nerve-wracking climax?

The Girl Grabbers is an involving crime and sex-filled roughie, and the first picture in a long career for Robert Kerman (Cannibal Holocaust), who was better known to the raincoat crowd as RICHARD BOLLA (Amanda by Night, Debbie Does Dallas), one of the best actors in 1970s XXX hardcore. It’s also the first project for writer, producer, director SIMON NUCHTERN, a contemporary of Andy Milligan, who later directed 1969’s To Hex with Sex, and finished his tenure in film with 1985’s Savage Dawn. From a 35mm touchy-feely print.

-- Robin Bougie, Cinema Sewer Magazine

SKU: d4172
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: COLOR
Starring: Robert Kerman
Co-starring: Jackie Richards
Other cast: John Spence, Stefan Peters, Louise Violet
Directed by: Simon Nuchtern

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