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This is definitely not your ordinary sexploitation flick! The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful has a great story with fascinating plot twists, psychosexual nuances, and plenty of flesh!

Bruce Harrington (HAROLD RETLOW) is a wealthy politician running for the Senate. He’s the ideal candidate with brains, good looks, and his lovely wife Helen (KATE WILSON) at his side. But one day, a mysterious stranger named Ralph pays Helen a visit and threatens to ruin her husband’s career by exposing incriminating photos of her at a wild hippie pot party where Helen was slipped a mickey and gang banged. He blackmails Helen by asking her for money and a peek at her sweater meat.

While this scandal develops, Moreno (character actor ALAN GARFIELD), the chauffeur, waits for the sexy maid Elizabeth (JENNIFER WELLES of Career Bed and Submission) for a quickie in the nearby woods. When Elizabeth tells him she doesn’t want to see him anymore, the hairy slob forcefully takes her one last time on the forest floor.

Ralph returns to the mansion to get his money, but decides it’s still not enough. He wants Helen too, and assaults her -- but not before he backs into a pair of scissors and is inadvertently stabbed to death! Horrified and panicking, Helen disposes of the body. However, upon her return home, she’s in for another surprise when she discovers Bruce has been a “naughty boy” and the willing recipient of a vicious whip-lashing at the hands of Elizabeth, clad only in black bra and panties!

Helen quickly realizes that they both have secrets, and accepts her husband for the flawed man he is. But what unfolds will keep you riveted!
Producer CHARLES ABRAMS also made The Commuter Game and Cargo of Love. New York nudie regulars LINDA BOYCE and UTA ERICKSON also make appearances, Linda as a hippie chick, and Uta as a barfly. Both get very naked! Gorgeous Miss Welles enjoyed a long career in sexploitation and hardcore porn, and was also a popular fetish model for such magazines as Bizarre in the 1960s.

From a 35mm Good, Bad, and Very Bare print. -- Lisa Petrucci

SKU: d4614
Format: Download
Year: 1970
Color: B&W
Starring: Jennifer Welles
Co-starring: Kate Wilson
Other cast: Alan Garfield, Linda Boyce, Uta Erickson
Directed by: Robert Canton

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