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WARM, WARM BED, THE - Download

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Long before there was Sex in the City, there was Sin in the City. And the premise is basically the same: pretty young women look for adventure, cheap thrills, and opportunities to get laid in The Big Apple!

Three bored gals who've been cooped up in a boarding school for months – including New-York nudie fave JUNE ROBERTS – take a bus to Port Authority in Manhattan. Upon their arrival, they make a pact to get into as much trouble as they possibly can and, more importantly, to do anything anyone asks them to! With this challenge before them, the gals make a beeline to colorful Greenwich Village where they look for the wildest club they can find. They end up at a sleazy but wildly decorated dive where DAWN BENNETT is among the crowd, and the great GIGI DARLENE (Bad Girls Go to Hell) is performing a long, leisurely striptease on the bar. Though we’re very impressed, June isn’t. After proclaiming, “Anybody can do that,” she jumps on the bar, and peels it off for the drunken drooling patrons. Now we’re doubly impressed! The other gals follow suit and make friends with some random guy who invites them to a party.

At a seedy downtown apartment, the pie-eyed lasses quickly join in on the depravity in progress. Sexploitation starlets UTA ERICKSON, JOANNA CUNNINGHAM, and DARLENE BENNETT are among the guests, and the party really gets going when a joint gets passed around. Topless gals dance around a potted plant and do tricks with their tits. June and one of her friends hook up with some slick dudes, though poor June is rudely surprised by an aggressive lesbian advance which she promptly rebuffs. (Too bad.)

One of the schoolgirls – the one with the big bee-hive – isn’t one bit impressed with the pot party, so her horny suitor suggests they go to a fancy-schmancy “uptown party,” which, despite all the black ties and designer dresses, quickly degenerates into an all-out orgy. There’s swingin’ and swappin’ as lonely housewives (including Joe Sarno regular MONICA DAVIS) get their groove on.

The pixie-haired chick decides this ain’t her scene and goes back downtown for more low-rent kicks. While uptown, Miss Beehive is being a bit of a prude, but she remembers her pledge to be bad and lets some joker have his way with her. Meanwhile, June looks for any opportunity to get topless and dance, God bless her. Highlight of the party: two naked chicks contemplating a lava lamp.

But all this fun must come to end when the thrill-seekers have to catch the bus back to dullsville...
Classic sexploitation from Mr. “Crank ‘em out like sausage” BARRY MAHON, with a heaping helping of black bras, panties, and hose. -- Lisa Petrucci

SKU: d5304
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Directed by: Barry Mahon

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