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     Hereís a lurid, action-packed mafia crime-thriller - spiced up with hot, hardcore sex!
     General Amsford, "a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," wages war on the mob after his son is beaten bloody and his daughter-in-law (played by porn princess SERENA) is viciously raped. He calls in Joe Napoli, a two-fisted Vietnam vet and winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Joe has a score to settle of his own since the mafia left his Uncle Alfonso "split in half on a railroad track." They join forces to combat the cigar-chomping "Godfather" Tony Mandano.
      The Don has a twisted sense of humor. In a great scene he sentences a crackpot rapist named Spike to death: "Instead of a last meal, we give you a last fuck." If Spike can survive an erotic encounter with the Donís animalistic sex-slave, he lives. If he cums, he goes. (To Hell.) A crazed Spike, toothpick jutting out the corner of his mouth, does pretty good during the combat... Until she lunches on his sausage. ("Bitch!") This paves the way for a lively crotch-slamming session. Spike gets real excited and ... oops! ("Oh, shit...") Heís shot down like a metal duck in an arcade.
     Joe, meanwhile, is turning Mandanoís men into hamburger. He massacres them in massage parlors, restaurants, golf courses, even at a funeral. In between the gory shootings, Joe finds time to woo the Generalís sexy secretary Louise (played by sexploitation favorite SHARON KELLY, whose breasts deserve an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress). In the end, Joe goes mano-a-mano with the Godfather and one of them will end up lying on a slab.
     Love Lust and Violence was also released under the title Mafia Girls (not the 1969 sexploitation flick). The X-rated action fits in nicely with the violent plot. When was the last time you saw a porn film that included death by pitchfork? File this one under the heading Porn Noir. Itís bursting with degradation, mayhem and hardcore humping. Hot lead. Hot women. Hot damn!
--Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d35732
Format: Download
Year: 1975
Color: Color
Starring: Anthony Fortunado
Co-starring: Serena
Other cast: Sara Bloom, Sharon Kelly
Directed by: Norbert Meisel

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