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     Youíll want to shower immediately (maybe even during) this 1971 South-of-the-Border sleazefest!
      Jaime is a balding, unemployed loser. In the middle of a blowjob, his wife announces sheís pregnant. "You dumb cunt!" he moans. (Sweet guy.)
     Forced to come up with the cash for an abortion, Jaime reluctantly goes to work for a sinister drug dealer (KEITH ERICKSON). His mission is to drive down to Mexico and pick up a suitcase of dope from some cat named "Oddball". Heís given strict orders to pose as a "respectable tourist" and warned to stay away from "dirty whores and perverts".
     And so begins a Tequila-soaked, sordid adventure for Jaime and his wisecracking sidekick Rick. Rick is fired up for any thrill and says, "Iím ready to slide into a nice tight Mexican pussy." Jaime just wants to get out of this alive.
     First stop is a Tijuana shithole called the "77-Club". Itís filled with naked dancers and jail-hardened slobs. Their contact is a fiery senorita named Gina who has a talent for doing obscene stuff with beer bottles. While Rick pays "two dollars" to get the bean dip sucked out of his enchilada, Gina screws a customer right on top of the bar. Jaime, remembering the dealerís warning, refrains from having sex.
     Gina sends our boys over to a pair of crazed lesbians (one of whome is ANDY BELLAMY) who put on a hot and spicy show while Rick works the old hand blender and shouts instructions. Then they visit a whorehouse (where EVE ORLON is one of the gals) and meet Ladybug, a nymphomaniac who "loves gringo cock". She promises to tell them where to find Oddball if Jaime and Rick service her and her stable of whores. So much for "respectable tourists!"
     After the gash-bash, our boys wind up on a deserted beach. Oddball turns out to be a big, surly dyke! She forces Jaime to his knees. She has a string of cherry Life-Savers hanging out of her vagina like a tampon! Jaime has to pull them out with his teeth. (Swear to God.) Then she makes him taste her taco.
     In a surprise twist, the drug dealer appears. Jaime failed the test. "I warned you." he says. Adios, Jaime.
-Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d35728
Format: Download
Year: 1971
Color: Color
Starring: Keith Erickson
Co-starring: Andy Bellamy
Other cast: Eve Orlon

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