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     Attention Sado-maniacs! Time once again to adjust that dial in your head to "Happy Hour!"
     During World War II two drunken, slap-happy Nazis brutally rape a young woman. Hiding in a closet is Kate (Leslie Conners) who witnesses every rancid and vile perversion. While the Nazis are singing some tunes, a door bursts open and an American soldier stands there like Sgt. Rock: Ka-pow ! He lets the Krauts have it with his Uzi 9-millimeter. Kate buries her dead friend and now has a burning hatred for men "Those brutes. Iíll get them!" she vows as the opening credits kick in.
     Years later. Kate is the leader of a group of female secret-agents. Their headquarters is a lavish castle guarded by pistol-packing mamas. Kateís thrill-mad hellcats hunt down and assassinate convicted sex offenders! ("Everyone of these perverts is an insult to humanity. Iím going to destroy them all!")
     Her castle is filled with torture devises and Kate watches everything on a video monitor in her control room. Her girls satisfy their own sexual sweet tooth with their victims (a good excuse for lots of X-plicit action) before killing them in a variety of nasty ways. One victim is locked into a small room as thousands of flies are released through a hole in the wall. They crawl over his bloody body. Stung to death by fruit flies? (Hey, it could happen ...).
     Other victims include a "necrophiliac" mortician who is tricked into partaking in a bone session with two ladies who are very much alive. He starts to enjoy himself until one girl grabs an axe and turns into Lizzie Borden.
     Kateís horny hit-women even take their act on the road. C.C. (buxom beauty MARIA ARNOLD)travels to Mexico to murder "Bud Miller, sex fiend." She picks him up in a bar and he gives her a high-voltage dicking. While heís sleeping, she plants a bomb under his bed. Bye-bye Bud.
     Agent Erica poses as a nun and kidnaps Colonel Perry Downes, who has just been convicted of being a sex-slayer during WWII. He swears heís innocent. Erica takes him to the castle. "Itís obvious youíre not a nun," he actually says when she sandwiches his penis between her tits. After sex he wakes up in a coffin. They plan on smothering him in cement. But wait! Heís spared when Kate realizes it was he who saved her from the Nazis! Cut to Kate and the Colonel together in bed.
     It all ends with a quote from William Shakespeare. Distributed by SHERPIX, Kittyís Pleasure Palace is a lunatic masterpiece thatís not to be missed.
-Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d35727
Format: Download
Year: 1971
Color: Color
Starring: Leslies Conners
Co-starring: Richard Patrick
Other cast: Maria Arnold
Directed by: Jack Genero

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