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A German sex comedy in a similar vein to the English "Confessions of..." series, All Around Service sets out to amply demonstrate that whatever the British can do, the Germans can do a whole lot dirtier!
Frank is one-half of "Frank & Fredís All Around Service," a two-man maintenance company who take care of the needs of a large apartment complex. Naturally, they also take care of the needs of the frustrated housewives who dwell within that complex. Of late, however, Frank has become more of a one-man band since Fred has spent the past year in the company of a rich socialite named Vicki... who obviously likes her men lanky, draped in bad leisure suits, and sporting very dodgy beards.

"Normal people screw at night," Frankís girlfriend Nana tells him after an early morning romp in his caravan. Thoroughly shagged out (literally) from his job, Frank is relieved when Fred finally returns to the fold after Vicki gives him the boot on their First Anniversary! A young gay kid whom Frank had to hire to help out gladly takes a hike to make way for Fredís return - the kidís sexual proclivities provide the source of much juvenile amusement between the two - and it isnít long before Frank and Fred are back on the job. Without a place to stay, however, Fred ends up sharing the caravan bed with Frank! (And they were the ones making fun of Frankís gay assistant?!!) What follows is a string of sexual misadventures within the apartment complex, highlighted by a scene in which a woman feels-up and straddles her hubby whoís sitting on a sofa focused intently at a televised soccer match.

In a strange turn of events which the screenplay never really explains, Vicki (Fredís ex) teams up with Nana (Frankís current) in an attempt to put an end to Frank and Fredís swinginí ways. They type up a letter detailing the pairís daytime adventures and distribute it to all the husbands in the complex. Vicki then arranges for the guys to get a maintenance job at another complex, one supposedly inhabited only by old people and single men but - oops! - turns out to be yet another breeding ground for tender young flesh!

The boysí troubles havenít stopped however, as a group of angry husbands from their former complex hatch a plan to pounce on the couple and teach them a lesson. More specifically, they intend to teach their overactive private porn a lesson. Luckily for the two studs, one of the housewives - a large woman who could easily pass for Divineís stunt double - gets wind of the plan, manages to thwart the attack, and ends up wrestling her big bald husband outside Frankís caravan....

Filled with a typically funky soundtrack, the sex scenes in All Around Service are somewhat raunchier and more explicit than those found in similar Euro softcore features of the day. It also demonstrates once again that the term "German comedy" is an oxymoron.

From a 35mm thoroughly-serviced print. - John Harrison, The Graveyard Tramp

SKU: d3572
Format: Download
Year: 1974
Color: Color
Starring: Rainer Peets
Co-starring: Jan Bouen
Other cast: Tina Graven , Karin Lorson , Gina Jansen
Directed by: Jonnig Wyder

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