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"Mighty Max" (OLE S0LTOFT) is a young teacher at an all-boys’ boarding school who’s nominated to become the next Dean of Students. There’s a catch though: in order to advance, the current Dean and the school’s governors want Max to get married. And that presents a problem since Max is not only still a virgin but... well, terrified of women. And to make a bad situation worse, everybody thinks he’s gay!
Max has a month to get engaged, so he takes a crash course in the birds and the bees. Though surrounded by plenty of attractive women - including the governor’s two comely daughters, a pretty blonde maid, and even the Dean’s horny wife -- Max starts his sexual education by studying erotic art at a local museum, then visits a porno shop where the topless salesgirls try to peddle their wares to him. Unfortunately, Max is mortified when he sees a bunch of giant dildos, and downright appalled when a salesgirl shoves one in his face! Tsk, tsk.... What a guy has to do to rise in academia!

Later, when Max sees the lovely Lena (BIRTE TOVE) participating in a political demonstration, he gets aught up in the rioting. Both are carted off to jail where they become fast friends.

Sister Erika then invites him to see her "etchings," attempts to seduce him, but ends up crying rape. Of course, no one believe the little strumpet since it’s well known that Max is a pathetic wussy-boy and she’s a renowned nymphomaniac.

Yet, in the end, leave it to Max’s mischievous students to get in on the matchmaking with hilarious results....

The Bedroom is an erotic Euro sex comedy with a delightfully Danish perspective.

From a 35mm print with a king-size mattress. ~ Ivana Mantohug

SKU: d3540
Format: Download
Year: 1972
Color: Color
Starring: Ole Soltoft
Co-starring: Ann Birgit Garde
Other cast: Birthe Tove , Axel Stroybe, Karl Stegger
Directed by: John Hilbard

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