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     "The problems of the emotional and sexual development of young girls have long been of great concern to society!"
You betcha. Which is why we're here to sing the praises of that most sought-after of scholastic animals, the Campus Pussycats -- not to be confused with the Swingin' Pussycats, of course-- in another vignette-laden R-rated smut-fest from Germany.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, as they have every day for the past two weeks, students Adam and Sybil sneak into an empty classroom where pretty-boy Adam nuzzles Sybil's cute little Bavarian breasts. They get naked. They do it on the floor. In walks Professor Bender. Uh oh. Bender immediately informs the school board of "the disgraceful episode he had the misfortune of being a witness to, " and the two sex crazed students are called before the school authorities accused of "gross debauchery on school premises!" Adam's excuse:"Both Sybil and I are very good students, but the atmosphere in our classes is often so saturated with sex that it could affect anybody!" Everyone then sits around and tells lewd stories about the student body...

Such as Ingrid, who seems to be so uninterested in sex that the other students make fun of her: "You have filthy minds, all of you!" Actually, Ingrid also has a filthy mind, but it's directed towards women. Yup, Ingrid is not only a lesbian, but has the hots for Miss Lessing, her sexy French teacher: "When she walks around the classroom, I eat her up with my eyes!" Ingrid begs Miss Lessing to love her, and even gets the teacher's top off. But, no, Miss Lessing is not into girl-girl love, and is happy having an affair with Klaus, the grammar teacher who, by the way, is already married. So what choice does poor little Ingrid have but to blackmail them both...

An obnoxious and "swell-headed peacock" named Hank screws every gal he can, usually with creepy friend Leopold paid to keep watch for faculty and angry boyfriends. But poor Annette falls madly in love with the stud -- until she catches Hank doing it with another gal. Eager for revenge, she arranges fo Hank to get beaten up. The price? She must first make it with wretched Leopold....

When drunken ol' Brewer catches his virgin daughter Molly getting too frisky with Herbert, an older kid, he goes ballistic until Herb throws him a couple of bucks. That gives daddy an idea and he quickly sets up Molly with a man she owes money to: "She's solid flesh! Grade - A!" Daddy watches the guy attack her, complains afterwards that she's "turned into a whore," and decides to continue pimping her out...

Plus skinny-dipping! School-hall rape! Sex with a fencing instructor! And an Italian window washer who draws a picture of a penis on the blackboard and screws three students in front of a biology teacher with bad eyesight...
Full of social politics that don't add up to a damn thing, Campus Pussycats is another frisky Seventies-style sex anthology from those wacky folks who gave us World War II. Quick! Get a bowl of milk!
From a 35mm print that likes to get rubbed right on the back of the neck. --Dr. Sex

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Format: Download
Year: 1974
Color: Color

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