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      New York City is chock-full of sick and twisted individuals looking for sexual gratification any way they can get it. And this depraved double feature certainly proves the point!
      Angelique in Black Leather offers a glimpse into the secret lives of beautiful lesbians with a penchant for domination and fetish wear. Lovely Angelique is a sexy doe-eyed blonde submissive whose life revolves around her cruel, black leather-clad lover, Suzanne. Angelique watches her mistress don the apparel as she prepares to have a clandestine rendezvous but jealously follows Suzanne until she disappears on a bus, never to learn who she was going to see. While strolling down the street, Angelique is approached by a magnificent blonde woman, Dominique. The glamazon invites the girl to her apartment for a drink, and eventually the two are enjoying some afternoon delight on a bearskin rug by a roaring fire. Later, Angelique fantasizes about Suzanne and Dominique together.
      Frustrated with her situation, Angelique invites her cute butch friend Jenelle over (played by MARIA LEASE of I Want You! and Wall of Flesh). The two smoke some hashish, watch some 8mm stag films, and for the first time, Angelique takes the initiative, inviting Jenelle to shower with her. Suzanne returns home and discovers Jenelle there. She immediately starts cruising her. Angelique watches until Suzanne is completely worked up into a lather, then makes her move. Wearing her mistress’s black leather gloves and dominatrix attire, Angelique takes charge and humiliates Suzanne with a candle stick. The tables have been deliciously turned…
      They say everyone has a price. And Mr. Rich, The Ultimate Voyeur, preys on those who are willing to do anything for a buck. All he wants to do is watch. Mr. Rich’s chauffeur tours the streets of New York in search of willing participants. He asks two gays if they want to make $100, and then brings them to an apartment where Mr. Rich expects them to “perform” with two girls (including gorgeous LINDA BOYCE)! Then he propositions a blonde chick (the “Baby” from A Thousand Pleasures!) who agrees to pose for some dirty pictures and then is told to pleasure the shutterbug. And later a lowly street whore is hired to just lather up in the shower for Mr. Rich, although she’s willing to do way more if he’d let her. Meanwhile, a troubled young woman named Kim is having sexual problems of her own. It has something to do with “daddy” issues. She won’t make love to her boyfriend but allows herself to be picked up by Mr. Rich, who offers her most degrading experience of her life….. Besides offering a plethora of perversion, both films feature great vintage exterior shots of Manhattan. Our 35mm print of The Ultimate Voyeur is missing the last reel, but still delivers plenty of smutty goodness. #3908 – Lisa Petrucci

SKU: 3908
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: Angelique Bouchet
Co-starring: Maria Lease
Other cast: Solange Canard, Linda Boyce Kristen Steen
Directed by: Angelique Bouchet (Angelique in Black Leather) + Cosmo Vance (The Ultimate Voyeur)


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