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Careless drivers, avoiding auto accidents, citizen ban radios, CPR, donating to cancer research, creepy robots and forklift maneuvering fill this educational volume of Heath & Safety Scare Films!

Too Busy to Live (1950s, color) John Doe was in too much of a hurry to have the service station man check his tires, so he died! Donít let this happen to you. Allow the Phillips 66 guy do his job!
Bell Telephone Truck Drivers (1940s, color) Accident traps await New Jersey Bell Telephone truck drivers everywhere they go! Always remember the three Cís of defensive driving!
The Red Road (1960s, color) This lost until now driverís ed scare film demonstrates how automobiles are the worldís biggest killers in the hands of an untrained, careless, immature, or inebriated person!
Where Seconds Count (1970s, color) Horrible accident? Lost child? Impending disaster? No worries. Walkie-talkies and CB radios solve all your communication problems! Ten-four good buddy!
Rescue Breathing (1958, color) Any one these people could have prevented their neighbor from suffocating if only they had learned CPR. Doctors show all the different ways to make oxygen go to the lungs. Share the breath of life!
The Story of Alexander Ten Spot (1950s, color) Ten bucks can buy a lot of great stuff, but wouldnít you rather give it to the American Cancer Society? Learn to recognize the signs of the big C and how your generous contribution will be used. Do it today!!
The Great Betrayal (1974, color) A cybernetic safety device (scary clear plastic robot) leads a meeting of bewildered hard hat-wearing employees warning them that emotions betray humans and are the cause of forklift accidents. The drivers donít pay much attention, until they screw up on the job and the know-it-all robot says I told you so.

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